Lace Up and Levi’s

blacklaceup1 blacklaceup2 blacklaceup3 blacklaceup4 blacklaceup5 blacklaceup7 blacklaceup6Oh hey there and good morning to you!

Man I have got to start off with saying that I really love a good SOLID basic or variation there of.  This being said, if you know me you know I have a SERious thing for any type of onsie’s or jumpsuit and lately I seem to be really glomming on to a variation of that…a good bodysuit.  I love the endless styling possibilities in which they create and how very low maintenance they are.  This bodysuit is no exception and then paired with… dare I say it without sounding like a broken record….BUT,  a rad pair of vintage Levi’s and boom there you go, one heck of an outfit!


Christa Jayne

All photos by Brittney Christie

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