Vintage Goodness in a Crisp White Shirt and Denim

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Good morning!!

Well, is it any surprise that there is some kind of denim in my outfit, nor is it that its mostly vintage? Nope I don’t think it is! My essentials, denim cutoff shorts and a crisp white shirt (which no one should ever be without in their wardrobe)!  I have been wearing more vintage then ever lately and I can’t get enough, and why would I?  It’s really just too good!  Worn in gems that you won’t be able to find another exactly like…. its really pretty awesome! With this said I am getting ready to relaunch my blog and vintage store (here) within the next couple of weeks and I am SO excited!  I will be updating the store with new vintage arrivals weekly, so keep your eyes peeled on @shop_fashionorfamine on Instagram! These vintage gems tend to go fast and there is minimal quantity!  Also feel free to contact me anytime if there is something specific you’re looking for!

Have a righteous day!
Christa Jayne

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  1. Hey! Trying to find a great pair of vintage Levi shorts, not a real high rise. Size 4 ish

    Also, where to find the perfect white button down???
    Love your site!


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