Let’s Start With a Bang, and by Bang I Mean a RAD Belt




vintagebeltandgstar3Good morning to you!!

Oh my gosh I can’t tell you how STOKED I am to be relaunching and sharing the new Fashion or Famine site with you this morning!!! I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!!

Please feel free to poke around the new site and check out the vintage store! There will be new arrivals in the store weekly so make sure to check back regularly and follow @shop_fashionorfamine on Instagram for first dibs! Also feel free to contact me anytime with any questions, I’d love to hear from you!  Now, lets dive into this outfit that is really starting this relaunch off with a bang and no top if you know what I mean…. maybe not your most practical of all outfits but really at the end of the day, what is pratical anyways?  Especially in the world of creativity, who needs practicality! This belt is a vintage gem that I had been searching for, for quite sometime and the minute I saw it had to have it.  This belt a hundo percent encouraged this look as I took off running with it as a top! A vintage belt has oh so much more character than a new one in my opinion, and its broken in to perfection.  I will wear this belt to shreds! I would definitely recommend keeping an eye out for your own vintage belt gem!!

Also,  I can’t thank the oh so talented person who redesigned my blog enough, he killed it in more ways than one and is an all around wonderful friend and person!  If you need any website redesign he is your guy, so feel free to email me for any inquiries or his contact info!

Have a super righteous day!


Christa Jayne

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