The Essential Vintage and a Sneak Peak Feature







Well I must admit it has been entirely way too long since my last post, needless to say way overdue!  So alas, here we are, a NEW post! Woop!

I recently had the opportunity to do a an upcoming feature for a company that I thought was super rad and I can’t wait to share when its up!  However, with that said in the meantime these photos are just a few snaps straightaway from the shoot.  I couldn’t do a shoot without my favorite vintage Levi’s and one of my quintessential wardrobe pieces, the blue oxford.  In which I must say these two pieces are pieces that I do not think anyone should every be without in their wardrobe!  I also am wearing a pair of a vintage khakis from the Fashion or Famine Vintage store but are sold out, however keep your eyes peeled for restock and as always new arrivals and stay tuned for the feature!

Have a boss day and a happy new year!!


Christa Jayne

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