Super Sizzlers Ahead

TheChloeBlouseVintageWell hello there!

MAN its been just a little bit since my last post, so I am more than stoked to post AND especially of none other than the quintessential piece of the season, à la the cotton blouse!


May it come in many forms, yes.  Is it really THE quintessential piece of the season, yes.  Does it every go out of style, no!  I will admit the second I saw the Chloé Spring 2015 collection, I knew that I wanted it to be vintage of course and that this was the piece I wanted to scour looking for until the exact one I had in mind caught my eye.  I had specifications of course, large voluminous sleeves, not flared, etc.!  So just like that, this boss little blouse came around and I haven’t taken it off since!  Not only does it go with everything and for every occasion its so super boss for those super sizzlers ahead!

If you have any inquires about vintage or are looking for specific pieces, feel free to email me anytime and in the meantime check out the store for more pieces similar to this quintessential piece!



Christa Jayne


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