Hip-Hip-Hoozie to Summer



knit and levi's 2 knit and Levi's knit and levi's3 2 Levi's and knit 1 levi's and knit 4 levi's and knit 5levi'sand knit 9

levi's and knit 7_MG_4861


Oh MAN is it ever summer in Los Angeles and I decided to kick that off with a big cozy loose knit! You got to keep things interesting, right? Truth be told when it comes to fashion I like it to be spontaneous and whatever I’m digging on at that moment, regardless of trends or seasons I guess!  Anyways…with all this said the main staple in my wardrobe is my vintage Levi’s and there is honestly not one item in my entire wardrobe that I wear more!  Get your favorite pair or two in the shop and you won’t regret it!

Oh and by the way these RAD pics were taken by my friend and amazing photographer Brittney Christie

AND hip-hip-hoozie to summer!


Christa Jayne




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