My name is Christa Jayne. A few years ago, I was struggling with the overwhelming amount of beauty tips and tricks out there. There were so many blogs to read, products to buy, and magazines at the grocery store checkout line that it all felt like too much! I knew that something had to change.

Christa JayneI share my experience with the world on how to be a more beautiful you without all of the hype. I write about everything from makeup and fashion, to self-care and relationships. It’s time for an honest conversation about what makes us feel good inside and out!

I’m a writer and mental health advocate. I’ve written about all topics in life, from fashion to relationships and everything in between. Writing has always been my safe space – the place where I can be myself without fear of judgement or criticism. It’s also where I found my voice when it came to sharing my story with others who are currently going through something similar – or maybe even feeling lost like me.

I created this blog where you can find helpful beauty tips for every day women who are just trying to get through their days without looking like they have makeup on. We’ll be talking about everything from how to choose your best foundation shade for a flawless face, easy eye shadow ideas for anyone’s skill level, or even affordable fashion finds!

I am a woman who has been through it all. From bullying and body image issues to overcoming depression, I have learned how to be happy with myself and more importantly, love my flaws. It took some time for me to find the courage to share my story with the world on how I became a happier person. Now that I’ve found my voice, there’s no stopping me!

My blog is meant as a source of hope for everyone at any stage in their journey (or just looking for some laughs). You’re not alone!

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