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Hey there! I'm Evelyn Rose, your go-to fashion guru, and I'm here to spill the beans on all things street fashion. So, you want to know about the different types of street fashion styles? Well, buckle up because we're about to take a wild ride through the coolest trends and styles that have graced the streets over the years.

1. 90s Hip Hop Street Fashion: Ah, the 90s, a decade that gave birth to some of the most iconic street fashion styles. Think baggy jeans, oversized graphic tees, and bucket hats. This style was all about expressing individuality and embracing the urban culture. Brands like FUBU, Karl Kani, and Cross Colours ruled the streets, and sneakers were a must-have accessory.

2. 2000s Mens Street Style: Fast forward to the early 2000s, and we saw a shift in street fashion. This era was all about the fusion of high fashion and streetwear. Men rocked baggy cargo pants, graphic hoodies, and oversized jerseys. Streetwear brands like Supreme and BAPE gained popularity, and sneakers became even more coveted.

3. 70s Womens Street Fashion: Let's take a trip back to the groovy 70s, where women's street fashion was all about embracing bohemian vibes. Flowy maxi dresses, bell-bottom jeans, and peasant blouses were the go-to staples. Accessories like floppy hats, round sunglasses, and fringe bags completed the look. This era was all about free-spirited fashion and embracing your inner flower child.

4. High Volume Street Style Fashion: High volume street style is all about making a statement with exaggerated silhouettes. Think oversized puffer jackets, billowy dresses, and wide-leg pants. This style is all about playing with proportions and creating a bold, eye-catching look. It's perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd and make a fashion statement.

5. Latest Street Style Trends: Street fashion is ever-evolving, and there are always new trends popping up. Currently, some of the hottest street style trends include athleisure, which combines athletic wear with everyday fashion, and gender-neutral fashion, which blurs the lines between traditional men's and women's clothing. Sneakers are still a staple, and statement accessories like chunky chains and bucket hats are making a comeback.

So, there you have it, a rundown of some different types of street fashion styles. Whether you're into 90s hip hop fashion, 2000s mens fashion, or 70s womens fashion, there's a street style for everyone. Remember, fashion is all about self-expression, so don't be afraid to mix and match styles and make them your own. Stay stylish, my friend!

Anika Jacobi
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Anika Jacobi is a seasoned fashion historian residing in New York, with a profound interest in women's fashion trends of the 70s. She holds a PhD in Fashion History from New York University and leverages her expansive knowledge to provide a unique lens into current fashion trends for her readers. Alongside fashion, Anika takes pleasure in sharing lifestyle advice for women encompassing areas such as family, diet, and travel.