A Jumpsuit is Always Right

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Good morning to you!!  It’s been a little while since I’ve posted….so its good to get this rad little sucker of a jumpsuit up on here!!

Ok, I have a major thing for a jumpsuit, and I am always looking for new jumpsuits!!  There is just certain things I am always shopping for…awesome, standout, and totally unpractical pieces and then my solids, jeans, crew neck sweatshirts, vintage Levi’s shorts, fur, leather, and always a jumpsuit!!  Talk about an easy way to dress!  Throw it on with a pair of heels and your done!! It’s the most minimalistic style of dressing and I love it!! So needless to say I saw this jumpsuit from Citizens of Humanity and it was a done deal.  I love the denim chambray light wash,  button up front, and most of all long sleeve with a super baggy elongated leg. There you have it, a good jumpsuit is a must!

Have a good day!!
Christa Jayne

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  1. Thank you so much Mary Casey!!! I would love that!! Stay in touch!
    Christa Jayne


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